Coastal Voices Website and Video Launched!

This is technically ‘old news.’ The website launched in the fall of last year. But if I’m going to ‘blog’, you have to start somewhere. So check out this cool website:

coastal voices homepage

The website contains content from a collaborative workshop that was held in July 2014 at the Hakai Institute. Participants came from over 20 First Nations, 10 academic institutions and/or federal agencies, and included artists, journalists, and videographers. This diverse group examined the ecological, socio-economic and cultural-trade offs triggered by the recovery of sea otters through the lens of traditional knowledge and western science.

A video was also produced from this workshop – Coastal Voices: Navigating the Return of Sea Otters. In 10 minutes you can listen to a diverse group of knowledge holders (First Nation and Scientists) share their thoughts and reflections regarding sea otters, kelp forests, world views and coastal management.

All of this is will continue to feed into ongoing work that a small team of us are leading, asking the question “what are the best ways for First Nations coastal communities to cope with, and adapt to the recovery of sea otters.” Stay tuned!