VIDEO: Sunflower stars influence kelp forest resilience (a summary of our research study)

This video is a summary of the findings from our scientific paper entitled, “Sudden collapse of a mesopredator reveals its complementary role in mediating rocky reef regime shifts” published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

VIDEO: Coastal Voices Mini Documenary

In June 2014, a diverse group of people with a shared passion for our oceans risked to think in new ways and listen to new ideas. We are a group of First Nations leaders, artists, scientists and journalists who gathered together on British Columbia’s central coast to discuss the profound transformations triggered by the recovery of sea otters. Through the lens of traditional knowledge and western science, our goal was to share information and begin a respectful dialogue to better equip coastal communities with strategies to navigate the ecological and socio-economic changes that come with the recovery of this predator. Watch our conversation. See more at

VIDEO: My Urchin Grazing Experiment in 3mins

VIDEO: Changing Reefscapes


VIDEO: Urchin Barrens Dive

VIDEO: Dive Into a ‘Giant Kelp’ Forest on the Central Coast of BC

VIDEO: Diving in Bull Kelp forests of the Central Coast of BC

VIDEO: Shifting Outer Shores

PHOTOS: Kelp Forest Monitoring – Haida Gwaii

PHOTOS: Kelp Forest Monitoring – Central Coast