Vancouver Aquarium French and English School Programs


Role: Coordinatrice des Programmes Scholaires en Francais (2 programs), and coordinator for 2 school programs in English

Details: ~ 25-35 students per program, 4-8 programs/week, 2h programs

Dates: 2006 – 2007 (Programs run Sept – June)

Description: The programs I was charged with facilitating were:

Les Invertébrés de la Colombie Britannique (BC Invertebrates) (gr. 5 – 7): Students study live specimens from four of B.C.’s major marine invertebrate phyla and explore the ecology of local seashore animals in the Wet Lab classroom. Conservation issues and stewardship opportunities are also discussed.

Les Merveilles de la Mer (Water Wonders ) (gr. K-4): Students have s a hands-on opportunity to explore the underwater world by observing, discussing, and touching live aquatic animals in the Aquarium’s Wild Coast, Tropic Zone, and Treasures of the BC Coast. They learn about the importance of water and conservation actions we can do to help aquatic animals.

The Art of Experimental Design (gr. 8-12): This program guides students through the scientific method using live marine animals. Using hands-on activities, students learn to develop a hypothesis, design an experiment with a control, identify experimental variables and the importance of repeating an experiment.

Invertebrate marine biology (gr. 10 -12): Same as BC invertebrates (above), but with more detailed content for older students.

Coordinator / instructor responsibilities: My principle responsibility was to ensure the effective delivery of each school program I coordinated. This first involved recruiting, training, and supervising a diverse team of volunteers who helped to instruct each program. During the programs I would organize student/teacher greeting and entry, give the primary lesson introduction, often instruct one of the small groups during interactive station rotations, and ensure volunteers were instructing their groups sufficiently. Time outside of program delivery was spent designing and implementing continuous volunteer training opportunities, liaising with school teachers to promote and market programs, and developing educational resources and documents for teachers to compliment the program curriculum.