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Whitney, C., Bennett, N.J., Ban, N.C., Allison E.H., Armitage, D.R., Blythe, J., Burt, J.M., Cheung, W., Finkbeiner, E.M., Kaplan-Hallam, M., Perry, I., Yumagulova, L. 2016. Adaptive capacity: From assessment to action in coastal social-ecological systems. Ecology and Society. Submitted.

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Peer Reviewed Science Reports

Burt, J.M., Akins, P., Lathem, E. Beck, M., Salomon, A.K., Ban, N.C. 2014. Marine protected area network design features that support resilient human-ocean systems – Applications for British Columbia, Canada. Simon Fraser University. British Columbia, Canada. 159 pp. Available on-line.

Berryman, N., J. Burt, J. Fortier, E. Lotter, B. Mackay, C. Paquin, A. Quock, M. Stock, T. Teitelbaum, and C. Wellen (2004) Aa-Wiishaautuwiihkw: Creating a Culturally Appropriate Protected Area in Paakumshumwaau, James Bay, Quebec. Available on-line.

Other reports

Burt, J.M., Foster, S., Day, A. 2014. Howe Sound Aquatic Forum: Summary of the day. Furry Creek, British Columbia. Available on-line.

Rao, A. Burt, J.M., Bodtker, K. 2015. Howe Sound Science and Knowledge Workshop: Summary Report. Vancouver, British Columbia. Available on-line.

Select Conference Presentations

Over 18 presentations, across 3 countries, 5 states/provinces, 12 different cities. These are my best.

2016 Marine protected area network design features that support resilient human-ocean systems – Applications for British Columbia, Canada. *Best Student Presentation Finalist4th International Marine Conservation Congress. St. John’s, NL.

2016 Sea urchin abundance, size, and behaviour drive rates of kelp consumption in temperate rocky reefs. *Best 3min Presentation – Innovation Award. Inter-departmental Ecology of Aquatic Systems Symposium. Simon Fraser University, BC. See video here.

2015 Sea urchin abundance and predator-avoidance behaviour regulate kelp consumption in high latitude temperate reefs. * Runner-up, Best Student PresentationWestern Society of Naturalists. Sacramento, CA.

2015 ​Watch and learn: Fun and effective applications to communicating science through video (American Fisheries Society AGM – Communicating Science Symposium Speaker. Richmond, BC.

2015 ​Field grazing trials elucidate mechanisms responsible for deforestation of kelps by urchins. Western Society of Naturalists. Tacoma, WA.

2014 ​Patterns and Processes: Understanding multi-scale dynamics in high latitude kelp forests.*Best Student Poster. Western Society of Naturalists. Oxnard, California.

2013 ​Marine protected area network design features that support resilient human-ocean systems. Inter-departmental Ecology of Aquatic Systems Symposium. Simon Fraser University, BC.

2010 ​Family Matters: parental and temperature influences on the early life survival, morphology and burst swim performance of sockeye salmon. International Symposium: Advances in the Population Ecology of Stream Salmonids. Luarca, Spain.