J. Burt Consulting
North Vancouver

PhD Candidate
Coastal Marine Ecology & Conservation Lab
School of Resource & Environmental Management
Simon Fraser University

Email: jenn.burt@gmail.com

Jenn Burt

Bienvenue and Welcome!

I am a professional and experienced researcher, leader, facilitator and communicator with over 15 years of experience working in conservation and natural resource management. I have expertise in marine ecology, community adaptation, integrated marine planning, Pacific salmon ecology, and social-ecological resilience (explore my research, articles & reports). I am currently finishing my PhD at SFU focused on kelp forest social-ecological systems in British Columbia: how sea otter recovery drives ecosystem changes and how coastal Indigenous communities are adapting to shifting access in ocean resources. I’m also interested in coastal marine planning initiatives and citizen engagement, in the context of finding ways for local communities, governments, NGOs and industry to work together to improve ecosystem-based management.

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I am strategic thinker with leadership skills, having led multiple applied consulting contracts (synthesizing MPA network guidelines, BC Parks Foundation strategic planning, multi-stakeholder planning workshops) and several interdisciplinary and international working groups. Additional initiatives include co-creating a collaborative Indigenous research partnership (natural & social scientists, hereditary chiefs, knowledge holders, artists), building an online Indigenous knowledge platform (‘Coastal Voices), and catalyzing an NGO-First Nation partnership to guide local marine planning.

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I am an experienced communicator and engagement specialist. I have had professional training in dialogue and civic engagement and experience facilitating workshops/forums/symposiums, working in government relations, instructing university courses, and running marine education programs. I am passionate about public outreach/education; I love giving presentations and public talks and sharing my knowledge of coastal social-ecological systems with diverse audiences.