Jenn Burt

Jenn Burt

Bienvenue and Welcome!

I am a marine ecologist at Simon Fraser University studying kelp forest ecology and marine planning in British Columbia. I am driven by a desire to understand the dynamics of temperate rocky reef ecosystems and how changes in these systems influence coastal communities and well-being. I’m also interested in coastal planning initiatives, and how local communities, governments, NGOs and industry can work together to improve ecosystem-based management.

My PhD is focused on understanding the ecological and social transitions that are occurring as sea otters return to high latitude temperate reef ecosystems. My fieldwork takes place in the amazing rocky reefs of the beautiful Central Coast of BC based out of the Hakai Institute on Calvert Island. These research questions are informed by invaluable input from Heilsuk and Owikeeno First Nations resource managers and our findings are communicated back to the community to help inform future planning and management.

Prior to my PhD work I have conducted research in marine protected area design, Pacific salmon ecology, as well as directed, designed and coordinated marine biology and conservation education programs. I am enthusiastic about science communication and motivated to both teach and learn about the wonders of coastal ecosystems! When I’m not working, you might find me scrambling, skiing or climbing in the coast mountains, or paddling, diving and intertidal-exploring in my “marine backyard.”

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